English conversations in a taxi

Most commonly used phrases

Order a taxi

To stop a taxi.
To order a taxi.
Let’s take this taxi.
We’ll go by taxi.
Where can we find a taxi?
I want to order a taxi to the bus station.
When will the taxi come?
The taxi will come in minutes.
How much will it cost to the airport?
Do you know where the downtown is?
Is there a taxi rank nearby?
Could you call a taxi for me?
To the airport/railway station/city center, please.
How much will it cost to the airport by taxi?

In the taxi

Will you take us to ..?
We are going to …
Turn to the left.
Turn off at the first crossing.
Drive after.
Stop here.
How much do I owe you?
Wait, please.
Could you help me with the luggage?
How much do I owe you?

Sample English conversations in a taxi

English conversations in a taxi

A: We took a taxi to the airport. It cost £40.
B: £40! Normally it costs about £20.

A: I need a taxi to Trevi Fountain.
B: Where from?
A: Via Celio Vibenna.

A: What time is it for?
B: As soon as possible, please.

A: How long will it be till it comes?
B: 10 minutes.

A: I don’t have far to go.
B: It’s not worth taking a taxi.

A: How are you going to get home?’
B: I think I’ll take a taxi.

A: Shall we walk to the station?
B: No, it’s too far. Let’s get a taxi.

Let’s take a taxi

I didn’t get a taxi because I didn’t have enough money.

I’ve got to go and see my parents, and my bicycle’s not working, so I’ll have to get a taxi.

The hotel is a short walk from here. It’s not worth getting a taxi.

I took a taxi to the station.

We had to walk home. There were no taxis.

We can take a taxi to the restaurant – unless you’d prefer to walk.

Since it’s late and we’re tired, let’s get a taxi home.

We waited for ages for a bus. In the end, we had to get a taxi.

There’s no need to meet me at the station. I can get a taxi.

Shall we take a taxi to the station or shall we walk?

Other sentences

I paid the taxi driver and asked him for a receipt.

Can you lend me money for a taxi?

Sorry, we’re late. Our taxi got stuck in the traffic.

After breakfast, we went out of the hotel and got a taxi to the airport.

I asked the taxi driver to slow down. She was driving too fast.

I don’t mind walking home, but I’d rather get a taxi.

I came home by taxi. I didn’t have the energy to run.

You needn’t have walked home. You could have taken a taxi.


taxi driver
pick up at your current location
drop off at your destination

seat belt
cab: short form for a taxi
van: a larger taxi that has more seats