English conversation offering help

Examples of English conversations offering help

English conversation offering help

A: Can I help you?
B: Yes. I’d like to make a withdrawal from my account, please.

Can you help me? I’m looking for a shampoo for dry hair.

A: My flight arrives at 9 pm.
B: Would you like me to meet you at the airport?

Can you please help me download an e-book reader app on my tablet?

A: I’ve lost my keys.
B: Can you help me to look for them?

How can we help them?

A: Will you be able to help me?
B: I’m not sure. I’ll think about it.

She should be able to help you because she has a great deal of enthusiasm.

A: Could you help me prepare the dinner?
B: Yes, sure.

Our car crashed on the motorway. Could you please send us help?

A: Martin is learning Spanish.
B: I can help him.

You may not find what you need the first time, but I can help you to find online resources to help you search effectively?

A: Make sure you install anti-virus software. This will protect your computer from viruses.
B: Can you please help me download it?

It will be very useful when you are writing English compositions as well as helping you to improve your vocabulary.

A: Have you made your travel arrangements for the sales conference yet?
B: If you want a good travel agent, I can help you find the best one.

You can help society as you give them money.

A: Do you know who could help me?
B: The bank can help if you want to take out a mortgage.

I will find a way to help him.

A: My car is broken, so I came to work on the subway.
B: Do you want me to give you a lift home?

How to give an advice/help/suggestion

I advise you to …

Take my advice.

I recommend you …

You’d better …

I’ll have to help you.

Allow me to help you

Why don’t you …

Yes, I’ll listen to you.

I’ll take your advice.

I’ll think of it.

How to thank someone for the offered help

How to thank someone for the offered help

Thank you. It was very nice of you to help me.

You’ve been very generous to me. You’ve helped me a lot.

I want to thank you all for the help you had given me.

Thank you very much! I know I can rely on you if I need any help.

That’s very kind of you. Thank you for your help.

I was happy to help.