English dialogues at a coffee shop

English dialogues at a coffee shop

Ordering a Drink

A: I’m new to coffee. What would you recommend for a beginner?
B: You might start with a latte or cappuccino. They’re both smooth and not too strong.

A: I want something cold and refreshing. Any suggestions?
B: How about an iced coffee or a cold brew? We also have flavored iced teas.

A: Can I get a non-dairy milk alternative in my coffee?
B: Absolutely! We offer almond, soy, and oat milk.

girl and boy discussing coffee choices

Payment Methods

A: Do you accept credit cards here?
B: Yes, we accept all major credit cards, as well as mobile payments.

A: Can I pay using a mobile app?
B: Absolutely! We accept payments through Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

A: I only have foreign currency. Is that okay?
B: I’m sorry, we only accept the local currency. However, there’s an ATM just around the corner.

man showing that he only has dollars

Change and Tips

A: Here’s a $20 bill. Can you break it down for me?
B: Sure! How would you like it? Tens, fives, or coins?

A: I’d like to leave a tip. Can I add it to my card payment?
B: Of course! Just let me know how much you’d like to add, and I’ll process it for you.

A: Do you have a change for a $50 bill?
B: Let me check. Yes, I can give you a change for that.

woman counting her change at the coffee

Billing Issues

A: I think there’s a mistake in my bill. Can you check?
B: Of course, let’s go over it together.

A: I was charged twice for my latte. Can you correct that?
B: I apologize for the oversight. Let me fix that for you right away.

A: The total seems higher than I expected. Could you itemize the bill for me?
B: Certainly! Here’s the breakdown of your order.

woman pointing at her receipt while discussing with the cashier

woman pointing at her receipt while discussing with the cashier

Desserts and Snacks

A: What pastries do you have today?
B: We have freshly baked croissants, muffins, and a delicious chocolate cake.

A: I’m gluten-free. Do you have any options for me?
B: Yes, we have a gluten-free almond cake and some gluten-free cookies.

A: I’d love a sandwich. What’s your best-seller?
B: Our turkey and avocado sandwich is quite popular. We also have a vegetarian option.

man looking at pastries in a display case

Ambiance and Setting

A: This is a cozy place. Do you have Wi-Fi here?
B: Thank you! Yes, we do have Wi-Fi. The password is on the counter.

A: Do you have any outdoor seating?
B: Yes, we have a lovely patio outside with some shaded areas.

A: Can I reserve a spot for a group meeting next week?
B: Of course. Just let us know the date and time, and we’ll set it up for you.

girl and boy choosing a table outside

Special Offers

A: I come here often. Do you have any loyalty programs?
B: Yes, we have a loyalty card. Every 10th coffee is free.

A: Are there any special discounts today?
B: Today is “Muffin Monday.” Buy a coffee and get a muffin at half price.

A: I’d like to buy a gift card. Do you offer those?
B: Yes, we do. You can choose any amount you like, and it’s valid for a year.

girl buying a gift card for a friend

Healthy Options

A: Do you have any low-calorie drinks?
B: Yes, we offer skinny lattes and green tea which are both low in calories.

A: I’m on a keto diet. Any drinks that would fit?
B: Absolutely! You can try our bulletproof coffee. It’s made with butter and MCT oil.

A: Are there any sugar-free desserts?
B: Yes, we have a sugar-free cheesecake and some keto-friendly cookies.

woman and man discussing diet-friendly choices

Tea Choices

A: What kinds of tea do you have?
B: We have a range of black, green, and herbal teas. Our Earl Grey and Chamomile are quite popular.

A: I’m in the mood for something fruity. Any recommendations?
B: Certainly! Our berry-infused herbal tea or peach green tea might be just what you’re looking for.

A: Do you have any teas with health benefits?
B: Many of our teas have health benefits. For instance, our ginger tea is great for digestion and our green tea is rich in antioxidants.

girl choosing tea

Atmosphere and Extras

A: I love the music you’re playing. Can I know the playlist?
B: Thank you! It’s our “Chill Coffee Vibes” playlist on Spotify.

A: Are pets allowed in here?
B: Yes, we’re pet-friendly! We even have a small section for dogs with water bowls.

A: I need to charge my laptop. Do you have any outlets?
B: Certainly! There are outlets by the window seats and near the communal table.

man setting up her laptop near an outlet

Specialty Drinks

A: I’m curious about the “Tropical Cappuccino” on the menu. What’s in it?
B: It’s a unique blend of our espresso with coconut milk and a hint of pineapple. It’s a customer favorite!

A: Do you have any seasonal drinks right now?
B: Yes, we have a pumpkin spice latte for fall and a peppermint mocha for the winter season.

A: I’ve been hearing about matcha lattes. Do you make those?
B: Absolutely! We use high-quality matcha powder and can make it with any milk of your choice.

man sipping on a colorful specialty drink

For the Kids

A: My child doesn’t like coffee. Do you have anything for kids?
B: Of course! We have a kid’s hot chocolate and a range of fruit juices.

A: Do you offer any smaller portions for kids?
B: Yes, we have a kid’s size for most of our drinks and some mini pastries as well.

A: Are there any activities or toys for kids?
B: We have a small play corner with some books and toys to keep the little ones entertained.

choosing activities for kids

Other Dialogues

A: Do you have any sugar-free syrups for my coffee?
B: Yes, we offer vanilla and hazelnut sugar-free syrups.

A: I’d like my coffee extra hot. Is that possible?
B: Of course, I’ll make sure it’s piping hot for you.

A: Can you make a decaf version of this drink?
B: Certainly! We have decaf beans available.

A: Do you sell whole beans? I’d like to brew your coffee at home.
B: Yes, we sell bags of our signature blend, both ground and whole beans.

A: I’ve heard about nitro coffee. Do you serve that here?
B: Yes, we do! It’s cold brew infused with nitrogen for a creamy texture.

A: What’s the difference between a macchiato and a latte?
B: A macchiato is just a shot of espresso with a splash of milk, while a latte has more milk and is creamier.

A: I’m looking for something without caffeine. Any suggestions?
B: You might enjoy our herbal teas or a hot chocolate.


Coffee shop ☕️🏪
Espresso ☕️
Latte ☕️🥛
Cappuccino ☕️🍦
Cold brew 🥤☕️
Iced coffee 🥤☕️
Mocha ☕️🍫
Americano ☕️💧
Drip coffee ☕️💧
Creamer 🥛
Sugar 🍚 or 🍬
Pastry 🥐🍩
Muffin 🧁
Croissant 🥐
Scone 🍞
Brownie 🍫🍰
Macchiato ☕️🥛
Flat white ☕️🥛
Cortado ☕️🥛
Frappe 🥤☕️
Affogato ☕️🍦

Coffee bean ☕️🌰
Grinder 🌰➡️☕️
Filter 📑☕️
Milk frother 🥛🌀
Steam wand ☁️☕️
Teaspoon 🥄
Syrup 🍯
Whipped cream 🍦
Cinnamon 🍂
Caramel 🍯
Chocolate 🍫
Vanilla 🍦
Hazelnut 🌰
Soy milk 🥛🌱
Almond milk 🥛🌰
Oat milk 🥛🌾
Barista ☕️👩‍🍳
Café ☕️🏢
Patio 🪑🌳
Lounge area 🛋️☕️