English dialogues at a restaurant

English dialogues at a restaurant

Book a table

A: I’d like to book a table, please.
B: For what day and for what time, please?
A: This Saturday, 7 pm.
B: For how many people?
A: For 3 people.

A; I’d like to book a table for tonight, please.
B: How many will be at the party?
A: There will be 6 of us.

A: We want to reserve a table for four people for 7 pm on Friday.
B: A: Ok, done. I have booked a table for you on Friday at 7 pm.
A: Thank you.

A: Are there vacant tables?
B: One table will be vacant after 30 minutes.

Get a table

A: Good evening. Do you have a reservation?
B: No, we don’t. Can we get a table for two?
A: Sure. Come this way, please.

A: Do you have a booking?
B: No, we don’t. Is there a table free?
A: I’m afraid, you’ll have to wait for about 10 minutes.
B: That’s all right.

A: Have you got any free tables for tonight?
B: I’m sorry we are fully booked today.

Receive guests

A: Good evening. Do you have a reservation?
B: Yes, a table for two in the name of Jessica.
A: Come this way, please.

A: Good evening. Do you have a booking?
B: Yes, my name is Peter Smith.
A: Okay, Mr. Smith. Come this way, please.

A: Can you give us the menu, please?
B: Sure.

Your friends are waiting for you in the restaurant

A: Do you have a reservation?
B: Yes, I’m joining Kim’s party.

A: Do you have a booking?
B: I’m joining some friends. The name is Patrick Jones.

How to say where you want to sit at the restaurant

A: Can we have a table by the window?
B: Yes, of course

A: Can we be seated out, please?
B: I could seat you at an outside table right away.

A: We want to be away from the toilets, if possible.
B: Yes, of course.

A: Do you have a high chair for little children?
B: Sure. I’ll get it for you.

A: Where would you like to sit?
B: Can we have a table on the terrace?
A: I’ll see if there is one free.

Choose a meal

A: What are you going to have, Tim?
B: I think I’ll have fried potatoes.

A: What should I order? What’s best here?
B: They serve delicious fish here.

A: I think I’ll go for Caprese salad. What are you having, James?
B: I’ll take a chicken soup.

A: Their specialty is seafood. You should try some.
B: I’m afraid I’m allergic to seafood.

Мake an order

A: Can I get you an aperitif?
B: Yes, please. An apple juice.

A: Are you ready to order?
B: Not quite. We need a little more time.

A: Can I see the wine list?
B: Yes.

A: What would you recommend for me to drink?
B: Our milkshakes.

A: Can I take your order, please?
B: Yes, I’ll have an omelet, please.
A: Anything to drink?
B: A bottle of still water, please.

A: Could you serve the salad on the side, please?
B: Sure. What kind of dressing would you like with your salad?
A: What dressings do you have?
B: We have Italian, French, and blue cheese.

A: Do you have a children’s menu?
B: I’m sorry. We don’t have a children’s menu.

A: How would you like your steak done? Rare, medium, well-done?
B: Medium, please.
A: We are in a hurry. How long will it take?
B: Not long, about 10 minutes.

A: We want to order a dessert.
B: What kind of desserts do you offer?

A: Would you bring us extra napkins, please?
B: Yes, sure.

A: Do you have vegetarian meals? I’m vegetarian.
B: Yes, we have.

A: Did you enjoy the meal?
B: Yes, it was delicious.

Enjoy your meal!
I’m allergic to..
When we are ready, we’ll call for you.
We want to make an order.
For me one ..
I’ll order ..

I will have a beer.
A cup of wine for me.
A bottle of wine, please.
Only fruit juice.
Whisky with soda, please.
I want the specialty of the house.

Аsk a waiter for recommendations

A: What would you like?
B: Is there anything you would recommend?

A: I am vegetarian, what suitable food would you recommend to me?
B: A vegetarian lasagna.

A: Would you like a dessert?
B: Yes, what do you recommend?
A: А carrot cake. it’s delicious.

А: Which wine will go best with this dish?
B: White wine, Sir.

А: Could you help us with the menu, please?
B: Sure.
A: What’s in this dish?

Make a request

A: Can I have some more bread, please?
B: I’ll get you some right away.

A: Can I have the menu, please?
B: Just a moment.

A: Excuse me, I dropped my fork. Can I get another, please?
B: Sure. I’ll get you one right away.

How to say that there’s something wrong with your meal

A: Excuse me, this cup is dirty.
B: Sorry, I’ll bring you another one.

A: My baked potato is raw inside.
B: Sorry, Mam. I’ll replace it with a well-baked one.

A: I asked for draught beer, not bottled.
B: I’m sorry.

A: There’s a hair in the soup.
B: I apologize. We won’t charge you for the soup.

A: This meat is undercooked.
B: I’m sorry. I’ll bring you another.

Ask for a bill

A: Can I have the bill, please?
B: Coming right up.

A: We’d like separate bills, please.
B: Sure

A: The bill, please.
B: Here you are. Service is included in the bill.

Pay the bill

A: Let’s split it.
B: No, I’ll get it. It’s my treat.

A: Let me get it, will you?
B: No, it’s on me.

A: How much should I tip a waiter?
B: A 20% tip will be fine.

A: Can we pay with a credit card?
B: Yes, you can.

How to say that the bill is incorrect

A: I’m afraid there is a mistake in the bill. I didn’t order a coffee.
B: I’m sorry. I’ll bring you the correct bill right away.

A: I’m afraid there is a mistake in the bill. You charged me twice for the
B: I’m sorry, Mam. I’ll bring you the correct bill right away.

Other sample sentences

Would you recommend us a good restaurant?
Where can I find a restaurant nearby?
I am starving; I want to have supper first.
I am on a diet, I can’t accompany you.
Is the restaurant self-service?
Come with me to show you the table.
We didn’t order this!
Did you enjoy the meal?
Yes, it was delicious
The same again, please.
I’ve had enough, thank you.
The dinner was very delicious, thanks.


Waiter/ head waiter
Table cloth
Trolley/ service table
Jug pot
Bowl, basin
Knife, knives
Plate, dish

Vegetable broth
Main dish

Mincemeat sausages
Beef mutton
Fried potatoes
Marinated pepper
Mashed potatoes
Ice crème
Caramel custard