English conversations at the airport

Most commonly used phrases at the airport

I want to fly non-stop to …
When is there a non-stop flight to … ?
I would like to reserve a seat to …
When should I check-in for the flight?
You need to check in an hour before the flight.
Can you look through the reservations?
Where can I put my luggage?
What is the luggage allowance?
I have only carry-on luggage.
Leave your luggage for a customs examination, please!
Have your passports and tickets ready for the check, please.
You must be at the airport at .. hours at the latest.
When does the plane for .. take off?
The plane is taking off at … o’clock.
I’d like a window seat, please.
Which is the gate for the flight to …?
Where is the gate number …?
When shall we land in … ?
You can’t take on board a flight .. .
Please, fasten yo safety belts!

Sample English conversations at the airport

English conversations at the airport

Book a flight

English conversations at the airport / tickets

A: I’d like to book a flight to New York, please.
B: What date will you be traveling?

А: Is there a flight to Rome tonight?
B: There might be. I’ll check online.

A: There’s a flight at 2:00 pm. Would you like to be booked on it?
B: Yes, please.

A: What flights are there to Tokyo?
B: There is one flight tomorrow at 3:00 pm.

A: Our flight departs at 10.35.
B: Are you sure about that?

Check-in your luggage

luggage at the airport

A: Did you pack your bags yourself?
B: Yes, I did.

A: Are you checking in any bags?
B: I have a suitcase to check and one carry-on.

A: I’m afraid this bag exceeds the size restrictions. Put it on the carry-on sizer, please.
B: Okay.

A:I have a stopover in Amsterdam. Would I have to collect my luggage there?
B: No, your luggage will go straight through to Chicago.



A: Can I see your tickets, please?
B: Sure, here you are.

A: Would you like a window or an aisle seat?
B: Window seat, please.

A: Our flight departs at 10.35.
B: Are you sure about that?


English conversations at the airport / security check

A: Can I take this bottle of water on board?
B: I’m sorry but you can’t.

A: Do you have any keys in your pockets?
B: No, I don’t have.

A: Do I need to take my laptop out of bag?
B: Yes, please. Put it into the bin.


Building airport- immigration

A: Why are you visiting the country?
B: We’re on holiday.

A: How long do you intend to stay?
B: One week.

A: Where will you be staying during your visit?
B: At Four Seasons hotel.

Transport from/to the airport


A: We took a taxi to the airport. It cost £40.
B: £40! Normally it costs about £20.

A: How long to get from here to the airport?
B: Usually about 45 minutes. It depends on the traffic.

A: I’ll phone you from the airport when I arrive.
B: Don’t come to the airport. I’ll take the bus.

More sample sentences

They canceled all flights because of fog.

My flight departs at 10.15, but it didn’t leave until 11.30.

Our flight was delayed. We had to wait for two hours.

There were problems at the airport and some of the flights were canceled.

Flight AB123 to Rome is now boarding at gate 4.

It was my first flight. I was nervous as the plane took off.

Andy is a flight attendant. He works for Emirates airlines.

It’s only a two hours flight from London to Madrid.

We will be boarding the aircraft in about ten minutes.

My flight arrives at 5 o’clock in the morning.

Our flight was delayed. We had to wait at the airport for three hours.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ll shortly be landing at Dublin Airport. Please fasten your seatbelts.

I hope your flight is on-time tomorrow. Safe trip/travel! See you at the airport.

You’ll need plenty of time at the airport. By the time you check-in and go through security,
it will be time for your flight.

After getting off the plane, we had to queue for an hour to get through immigration.

The outward flight was very bumpy. I hope the return flight is smoother.

It’s a very busy airport. There are planes landing and taking off all the time.


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