English dialogues at a school

English dialogues at a school

Classroom Discussion

A: I forgot my textbook at home. Can I share yours?
B: Sure! Let’s sit together so we can both read.

A: When is our next math test?
B: It’s on Friday. Have you started revising?

A: Do you understand this topic? I’m struggling a bit.
B: It took me a while, but I get it now. I can help you during our break.

boy and girl discussing in the classroom

Lunch Break

A: What did you bring for lunch today?
B: I’ve got a sandwich and some fruit. How about you?

A: Do you want to eat outside today? It’s sunny.
B: Sure! Let’s grab a spot near the basketball court.

A: I forgot my lunchbox at home. Can I share yours?
B: Of course! I’ve got plenty.

boy offering his lunch to a girl

School Supplies

A: I need a new notebook. Do you know where I can buy one?
B: The school store has a variety. You can check there.

A: My pen just ran out of ink. Do you have an extra?
B: Yes, here you go. You can keep it.

A: I can’t find my ruler. Have you seen it?
B: I haven’t, but you can borrow mine for now.

girl lends a ruler to a boy

Extracurricular Activities

A: Are you joining any clubs this year?
B: I’m thinking of joining the drama club. What about you?

A: I missed soccer practice yesterday. Was it important?
B: Not really. We just discussed the next match’s strategy.

A: I want to learn an instrument. Is the music room open after school?
B: Yes, they offer lessons in the evenings. You should ask the music teacher.

boy and girl with musical instruments

Homework and Assignments

A: Did you finish the English assignment?
B: Not yet. I’m stuck on the last question. Can we discuss it?

A: I forgot the due date for our science project.
B: It’s due next Wednesday. We still have some time.

A: Do we need to print our essays or can we email them?
B: The teacher said both are fine, but I’m printing mine just in case.

girl asking about the essay due date

Group Projects

A: Have you chosen a topic for our group presentation?
B: I was thinking about environmental conservation. What do you think?

A: Who’s doing the slide design?
B: Maria said she’s good with PowerPoint. Let’s ask her.

A: Should we meet after school to discuss our project?
B: Sounds good. The library is usually quiet, let’s meet there.

girl discussing group project with a boy

Library Conversations

A: Do you know where I can find books on ancient civilizations?
B: Yes, they are in the history section, on the second floor.

A: Can I borrow this magazine or is it reference-only?
B: Magazines are usually for in-library reading, but you can check with the front desk.

A: This book is damaged. Should I report it?
B: Definitely. Let the librarian know so they can fix it or replace it.

boy and girl browsing books in the library

School Events

A: Are you going to the school dance next week?
B: I’m thinking about it. Do you want to go together?

A: Have you seen the poster for the talent show?
B: Yeah! I’m thinking of signing up. What about you?

A: The school fair is this weekend. Are you volunteering?
B: Yes, I’m helping out at the art booth. You should join!

girl and boy putting up posters for a school event

Class Selection

A: Which electives are you choosing for next semester?
B: I’m considering photography and Spanish. How about you?

A: Have you heard anything about the new history teacher?
B: I’ve heard she’s really engaging and makes the subject fun.

A: I can’t decide between drama and choir. What do you suggest?
B: Drama has a big end-of-year performance. If you like being on stage, go for it!

boy and girl discussing class options in the hallway

Field Trips

A: Are you excited about the museum trip next month?
B: Definitely! I’ve always wanted to see the dinosaur exhibit.

A: Did you remember to bring your permission slip?
B: I handed it in yesterday. Don’t forget yours!

A: I’ve never been to the planetarium. Have you?
B: Once, when I was younger. It’s really cool, you’ll love it.

girl and boy discussing upcoming school trip

More Dialogues

A: What’s on the cafeteria menu today?
B: I think it’s spaghetti and meatballs. Want to grab lunch together?

A: I lost my library card. What should I do?
B: Report it at the library counter. They might charge a small fee for a replacement.

A: Do you know the schedule for the school bus?
B: It leaves at 3:30 p.m. sharp. Make sure you don’t miss it.

A: Are parent-teacher meetings next week?
B: Yes, on Thursday. My parents are coming. Are yours?

A: I heard there’s a field trip next month. Where are we going?
B: To the museum downtown. I’m excited!

A: Do we have a physical education class today?
B: Yes, and we’re playing basketball. Don’t forget your sports shoes.

A: How do I sign up for the debate team?
B: There’s a sign-up sheet on the notice board. Just add your name.

Sample sentences

Where can I find past exam papers for revision?
Is there a computer lab where I can work on my project?
How do I get permission to use the school’s auditorium?
Can I borrow your notes from yesterday’s history class?
Is the school organizing any workshops during the holidays?
Do you have the contact details for our class representative?
What’s the topic for our next group presentation?
Do you know when the school yearbook will be published?
I need some recommendations for college applications. Can you help?
Is there a penalty for late submission of assignments?

School Related

School 🏫
Classroom 🚪
Library 📚
Cafeteria 🍽️
Playground 🤸‍♂️
Auditorium 🎭
Laboratory 🔬
Gymnasium 🏀
Stationery 🖋️
School bus 🚌
Blackboard 🖤
Homework 📝
Principal 👩‍💼
Teacher 👩‍🏫
Student 👩‍🎓
Textbook 📖
Locker 🔒
Sports equipment 🏏
School uniform 👔
Examination 📄


Math ➕
English 🅰️
Science 🔭
History 📜
Geography 🌍
Physical Education 🏋️
Art 🎨
Music 🎵
Drama 🎬
Computer Science 💻

School Events

Sports day 🏃‍♂️
Annual day 🎉
Field trip 🚌
Debate 🎤
Quiz competition ❓
Spelling bee 🐝
Science fair 🔬
Art exhibition 🖼️
Talent show 🎤
School dance 💃

School Supplies

Pencil ✏️
Pen 🖊️
Notebook 📓
Ruler 📏
Eraser 🩹
Backpack 🎒
Lunchbox 🍱
Calculator 🧮
Art supplies 🖌️
Laptop 💻