English dialogues at a bakery

English Dialogues at a Bakery

Choosing Baked Goods

A: I’m hosting a brunch tomorrow. Could you suggest some pastries that would be a hit?
B: You should definitely consider our croissants and fruit danishes. They’re fresh and loved by our customers.

A: I’m looking for something without nuts. What options do I have?
B: We have a selection of nut-free muffins and scones that you’ll love. They’re made fresh daily without any nuts.

A: Do you have any gluten-free bread?
B: Yes, we offer a variety of gluten-free options, including bread loaves and bagels, all made with gluten-free flour.

woman and man discussing gluten-free options


A: Can I pay for these bagels and the cream cheese with cash?
B: Sure thing. It’s $8.75 altogether.

A: Here’s a ten.
B: Thanks. Here’s your change, $1.25. Would you like a bag for these?

A: I’ll pay with my debit card, please.
B: I’m sorry, it seems there’s an issue with the card reader. Do you have another form of payment or perhaps cash?

A: Let me try another card. If it doesn’t work, I have some cash.
B: Not a problem. Let’s try the other card and see if it goes through.

A: Do you accept mobile payments here?
B: Yes, we do. You can use Apple Pay, Google Wallet, or Samsung Pay.

A: Perfect, I’ll use my phone then. Here you go.
B: Great, it’s all set! Here’s your receipt, and have a wonderful day!

woman making a mobile payment at the bakery

Bakery Services

A: Can I order a custom cake for my daughter’s birthday?
B: Absolutely, we specialize in custom cakes. Let’s discuss the theme and flavors you’re interested in.

A: I need a large order of rolls for a dinner party. How much notice do you need?
B: For large orders, we typically ask for 48 hours’ notice to ensure we can meet your needs with the freshest batch.

A: What’s the best way to keep this bread fresh at home?
B: Keep it in a bread box or an airtight container. You can also freeze it if you want to extend its freshness.

woman asking bakery staff about bread freshness

Seasonal Specials

A: Do you have any special items for the holiday season?
B: Yes, we have gingerbread cookies, pumpkin pies, and our famous stollen bread for the festive period.

A: I’m looking for a dessert that’s unique to your bakery. Any recommendations?
B: Our seasonal pear frangipane tart is a customer favorite and unique to our menu. It’s perfect for those looking for something special.

A: What kind of seasonal bread do you offer during autumn?
B: We bake a delicious pumpkin seed loaf and a cranberry walnut bread that’s perfect for the cooler weather.

woman and man discussing seasonal bakery items

Breakfast Options

A: I’m in a rush most mornings. What quick breakfast items do you have?
B: Our breakfast burritos and spinach feta wraps are ready to go and very satisfying.

A: I need something light for breakfast, any suggestions?
B: You might enjoy our yogurt parfaits with granola or a slice of our banana bread.

A: Are there any low-carb options available for breakfast?
B: Certainly, we offer a selection of low-carb bagels and a delicious vegetable frittata.

woman selecting breakfast items on the go

Lunch Catering

A: I’m organizing a work lunch. Can you cater to a group of 20?
B: Absolutely, we offer sandwich platters, quiche, and a variety of salads for catering.

A: Do you have vegetarian options for your lunch menu?
B: Yes, we have a roasted vegetable panini and a chickpea salad that are very popular.

A: For a light lunch, what would you recommend?
B: Our soup of the day with a side of artisanal bread is perfect for a light yet fulfilling lunch.

man ordering a catered lunch for a meeting

Coffee and Tea Selections

A: What coffee blends do you have today?
B: Today we’re featuring our house blend, a dark roast, and a limited edition Ethiopian single-origin.

A: I prefer tea. Do you have a good selection?
B: Yes, we have a variety of teas including black, green, herbal, and white teas.

A: I’m looking for something different in my latte. Any flavor suggestions?
B: Have you tried our lavender or cardamom syrup? They add a lovely twist to a classic latte.

woman and man talking about coffee and tea choices

Customer Favorites

A: What’s the most popular item on the menu?
B: Our customers can’t get enough of the chocolate chip walnut cookies. They’re a classic favorite.

A: I love savory pastries. What’s a top seller?
B: Our spinach and feta croissants are a hit. They’re flaky, buttery, and packed with flavor.

A: Which of your cakes is a crowd-pleaser?
B: Our red velvet cake is always a hit at parties. It’s rich, moist, and has the perfect cream cheese frosting.

couple selecting popular bakery items

Afternoon Treats

A: I’d like something sweet for an afternoon pick-me-up. Any ideas?
B: Our lemon bars are zesty and refreshing, or you might like our almond biscotti with a cup of coffee.

A: I’m craving chocolate. What do you have that’s chocolatey?
B: You should try our double chocolate muffins or the chocolate ganache tart.

A: Do you have any fruit-filled pastries?
B: Yes, our apple turnovers and cherry pockets are baked with real fruit fillings and are absolutely delightful.

woman and man chatting about afternoon snacks

Specialty Items and Ingredients

A: Do you have any dairy-free dessert options?
B: Yes, we have dairy-free cookies and cupcakes made with plant-based ingredients.

A: I’m looking for organic bread. Do you carry any?
B: We do. All our organic bread is labeled and we use only certified organic flour.

A: What kind of sweeteners do you use in your pastries?
B: We use a variety of sweeteners, including natural sugar, honey, and maple syrup. We also have options with sugar alternatives.

man inquiring about sweeteners in pastries

Health and Dietary Concerns

A: My son has an egg allergy. Do you have baked goods he can eat?
B: We have a range of egg-free products, including certain cookies and breads.

A: Are your raspberry tarts made with real fruit?
B: Absolutely, we use fresh raspberries to make the filling for our tarts.

A: I’m trying to eat less sugar. Do you have any suggestions?
B: Our oatmeal raisin cookies are lower in sugar, or you could try our fruit bread, which is sweetened with just the natural sugars from the fruit.

couple discussing low-sugar options

Other Dialogues

A: Do you offer bread-making classes?
B: Yes, we have classes every month. I can sign you up for our newsletter to keep you informed.

A: Can I place an order online for pickup?
B: Certainly. Visit our website, place your order, and choose a time for pickup.

A: What’s the shelf life of your whole wheat bread?
B: It’s best consumed within 3-4 days, but it can last up to a week if stored properly.

A: I’m looking for a wedding cake. Can I schedule a tasting?
B: Yes, we offer tastings by appointment. Let’s find a date that works for you.

A: Do you have any sugar-free pastries?
B: We have a selection of pastries that are made with sugar substitutes suitable for diabetics.

Sample sentence

Do you have a loyalty card or offer any discounts for regular customers?
Is this type of pastry suitable for vegans?
Can you recommend a local coffee that pairs well with your desserts?
Do you use locally sourced ingredients in your bakery?
I need a custom-designed cake; how far in advance should I order?
Do you sell whole grain or multigrain bread?
Are your chocolate chip cookies made with real butter?
I’m looking for pastries that are suitable for a picnic. What do you recommend?
Can you create a dessert platter for my office party?
What’s the most popular item in your bakery?


Bakery πŸͺ
Pastries πŸ₯
Bread loaf 🍞
Cake 🍰
Cupcakes 🧁
Danishes 🍩
Scones πŸͺ
Muffins 🧁
Cookies πŸͺ
Tarts πŸ₯§

Bagels πŸ₯―
Croissants πŸ₯
Custom cake πŸŽ‚
Dairy-free πŸ„βŒ
Gluten-free 🚫🌾
Nut-free πŸ₯œβŒ
Organic flour 🌿🌾
Sugar alternatives πŸ―βž‘οΈπŸ§‚
Egg-free πŸ₯šβŒ
Whole wheat bread πŸžβœ”οΈπŸŒΎ