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Dialogue at a vaccination clinic

Patient: “Can you tell me about the different types of vaccines available here?”
Clinician: “Certainly! We offer the flu vaccine, the HPV vaccine, and the COVID-19 vaccine, among others. Each one is designed for specific age groups and health needs.”

Dialogues at a health insurance office

Customer: “Hi, I have a few questions about what my current insurance plan covers. Could you help me understand the specifics?”

Insurance Representative: “Of course! Letโ€™s start with your policy number, and then I can walk you through the details of your coverage.”

Dialogues at a dental clinic

Patient: Hi, I have an appointment with Dr. Smith at 2 PM under the name John Doe.
Receptionist: Good afternoon, Mr. Doe! Yes, I see your appointment here. Please have a seat, and Dr. Smith will be with you shortly.

English dialogues at a pharmacy

English dialogues at a pharmacy

A: Is there a 24-hour pharmacy nearby?
B: Yes. Go along this road and you’ll see it on your left.

A: I need something for a headache.
B: I can only give you an over-the-counter pain killer.

A: Have you got a prescription?
B: Yes, sure. Here you are.

English conversation at the hospital

English conversation at the hospital

A: Tom has had a heart attack! He’s just been taken to the hospital.
B: How terrible!

A: Where is Sarah?
B: Sarahโ€™s in a hospital. Sarah was taken ill the other day. Theyโ€™re not sure what it is yet.