English conversation in a hotel


Boarding house
Single/double room
Fire escape

Guest, visitor


Do not disturb!
We will stay at a hotel.
How can we go to a hotel?
Where is a hotel nearby?
Can you check our reservation, please?
It had been made the previous week.
I have the confirmation.
All places are booked.
Can I find a hotel in this district?
We have vacancies on the 5th floor.
What is included in the price?
How much will it cost with the breakfast?
Can I pay with a card?
The guests are putting up after eleven o’clock.
Take my luggage up/down.
Can I book the room till one o’clock?
What is your check-out time?
Do you like to look at the rooms?
Can you give me a key from my room?
My room number is 7.
Can I order breakfast/wake up on the phone?
Can you change the sheets/the towels?
When should I receive my washing/my clothes?
The TV/ the air conditioner in the room don’t work.
Please, adjust the heating.
My room is very noisy/dark/shady.
I would like it if it’s possible to change the room.
Prepare my bill, please.


A: I have a reservation under the name of Brown.
B: Yes, Mr. Brown. That’s a single for two nights. Can I have your charge card,

A: We have a reservation for two rooms.
B: What is your name?

A: Do you have vacant rooms?
B: Sorry, it’s full till fifteen of April.

A: How long do you stay at the hotel?
B: I will stay two days.

A: When are you going to leave?
B: I’m leaving next Tuesday.

A: How much is a room?
B: Our rooms start at $100 for a basic room and go up to $300 for a suite.

A: I’d like a room for a family of four -two adults and two children.
B: Yes, Sir. The deluxe double room would be most suitable for you.

A: Could you give me your credit card details, please?
B: Sure. Are you going to put a hold on my credit card?

A: What’s your cancellation policy?
B: You should cancel at least 24 hours before your check-in date to avoid a fee.

A: When does breakfast start?
B: At 8.00 am.

A: Is breakfast included?
B: We don’t provide breakfast but there is a local cafe which offers our guests

English conversation in a hotel

A: What extra services do you offer?
B: We have a swimming pool/gym/spa center/ bowling-room/cafe/restaurant/night-club

A: Do I have to pay extra for a mini-bar and mini-fridge?
B: No, you don’t. They are free.

A: What kind of room would you prefer?
B: I prefer a room facing the sea/street/yard.

A: Does the hotel provide free Wi-Fi?
B: Yes, the Wi-Fi is free. But there’s only in the lobby.
A: Okay, what is the password?

A: Can I have an extra blanket, please?
B: Yes, sure.

A: My room is noisy. Could I move to a quieter one?
B: Let me just check if there are any rooms available now.

A: My room hasn’t been serviced.
B: The housekeeper will be in your room shortly.

А: I’m still waiting for someone to come and fix the shower in my room.
B: How long will it take?

A: I am checking out of room 101. Could I have my bill, please?
B: Yes, here it is. How would you like to pay?


A: It’s a comfortable hotel but it’s a bit noisy, isn’t it?
B: Yes, it really is too much to play such loud music after midnight.

A: What are you working?
B: I’m working in a hotel. I started working there on 18 January.

A: I’ll meet you outside the hotel at 10.30, OK?
B: Yes, that’s fine.

A: It’s a very nice hotel.
B: Enjoy your stay there.

A: I thought that Sarah is working in a hotel.
B: She works in a shop now. She used to be a receptionist in a hotel.