English dialogues at the hairdresser

English dialogues at the hairdresser

A: What hairstyle would you like?
B: Make my hairstyle as you want.

A: I don’t want hair spray, please.
B: Okay. I’m not going to put it.

A: Where did you cut your hair? Which hairdresser did you go to?
B: I went to Jane’s salon. Her hair salon is in the city center.

A: I’m having my hair cut tomorrow. I’ve just made an appointment.
B: Which hair salon will you go to?

A: I want to reserve an hour for a haircut.
B: Sure. Are you available Friday at 4 pm?

A: I want to cut my hair short.
B: Okay.

A: Don’t cut it too much.
B: Okay, I will keep it long.

A: I want to dye my hair.
B: Which color are you using?

A: I want my hair shampooed and set only.
B: Got it.

A: I don’t have an appointment for a haircut, but since I was in the neighborhood, I stopped by to see if you had time for me.
B: I was going to go home early today, but since you’re here, I’ll do your hair.


Permanent wave
Dye the hair
To bleach
To dry
Short/ long hair
Curly/ straight hair

Styling gel

More sample sentences

My dad’s always on my case about my long hair. He really wants me to cut it.

She always has dyed her hair a strange color.

It is certain that her hair is dyed.

I don’t like having my hair cut.

When Neil speaks to his hairdresser, he will request a rush job.

You badly need a haircut!

You need to wash greasy hair more often than you need to wash dry hair.

A few years ago Lisa cut her hair really short. I was surprised because she’d always had long hair.

Lisa had long hair when she was a child.

Your hair looks nice. Did you have it cut?

You’ve had your hair cut, haven’t you?

I think you should get your hair cut really short.

My hair is getting long. I should get it cut.

Your friend’s hair is much shorter than when you last met.

Tim usually cuts his own hair.