English dialogues at a bank

English dialogues at a bank

A: Where is the City bank?
B: Go past the library and you’ll find the bank.

A: I want to open an account.
B: Okay. What is your name?

A: What’s your minimum deposit to open an account?
B: It’s $200.

A: I would like to draw $200 from my account.
B: Okay. May I see your ID?

A: Where can I cash a check?
B: You have to go to counter 4.

A: This check has bounced.
B: Do you know why?

A: I would like to get credit. What are the conditions for getting a credit?
B: Our conditions are …

A: I would like to receive a credit card.
B: All right, Sir. Can I see your passport?

A: You can’t draw money from this card.
B: What is the problem?

A: Can I help you?
B: Yes. I’d like to make a withdrawal from my account, please.

A: Is your company making money?
B: Yes. We are in profit. So I have a firm steady income.


Cashier’s desk
Cashier, teller
Bank counter
Information counter
Strong room
To open/ to close an account
Bank/ cheek book
Place/ date of issue
Due date
Interest/ rate of interest
To draw/ to deposit money
To buy
To sell
To exchange

American money
one cent
a nickel
a dime
a quarter
a half dollar
a one-dollar
a one/ a five/ a ten/ a fifty
dollar bill

English money
half / one penny
five pence
ten pence
fifty pence
a one-pound note
a five-pound note
a ten-pound note

Other sample sentences about banking

What d’you do for a living? I’m in banking.

He put this money in a bank account and hardly ever made a withdrawal from it.

The bank can help if you want to take out a mortgage.

I’ve just opened a savings account, and I transfer money into it regularly.

I use online banking most of the time. I only go to the bank occasionally, to use the cash machine.