Dialogues with a restaurant host

Dialogues with a restaurant host

Asking About Wait Times

Guest: Hi, how long is the wait for a table for two?
Host: Good evening! It’s about a 20-minute wait. Would you like to put your name on the list?

A cartoon scene in a restaurant setting. On the left, a guest, a young woman with long brown hair, wearing a casual blue dress, is inquiring about

Requesting a Window Seat

Guest: I have a reservation under ‘Smith.’ Could we get a window seat, if possible?
Host: Let me check for you, Mr. Smith. Yes, we can arrange a window seat. Please follow me.

A cartoon scene in a restaurant setting. On the left, a guest, a Caucasian man in his 30s with short brown hair, wearing a casual shirt and jeans

Discussing Reservation Policies

Guest: What’s your policy for holding reservations?
Host: We hold reservations for 15 minutes. If your party isn’t complete, we’ll do our best to accommodate you as soon as everyone arrives.

A cartoon scene in a restaurant setting_ A guest, a middle-aged Asian woman with shoulder-length black hair, wearing a casual blue dress, is inquiring

Inquiring About Outdoor Seating

Guest: Do you have outdoor seating available tonight?
Host: Yes, we do have outdoor seating. There’s a short wait for those tables. Would you like to wait, or prefer indoor seating?

A cartoon scene in a restaurant setting. A guest, an Asian woman with shoulder-length black hair, wearing a casual summer dress, is inquiring about

Asking for a Quiet Table

Guest: Can we get a table in a quieter area of the restaurant?
Host: Certainly, we have a few tables in a more secluded area. Let me show you to your table.

A cartoon scene in a restaurant depicting a conversation between a guest and a host.

Checking In for a Reservation

Guest: Hello, I have a reservation at 7 PM under the name ‘Kelly.’
Host: Good evening, I have your reservation here. Your table is ready. Please follow me.

A cartoon-style restaurant scene showing a host and a guest.

Asking for a Specific Table

Guest: Hi, we love the table by the fireplace. Is it available?
Host: Let me check for you. Yes, that table is free right now. Let’s get you seated there.

A restaurant scene depicting a guest and a host interacting without any text or dialogue bubbles.

Asking About Menu Options

Guest: Before we sit down, could you tell us if you have vegan options?
Host: Yes, we have a variety of vegan dishes. Our server can provide more details once you’re seated.

In a restaurant setting, a cartoon image of a guest and a host in conversation.

Inquiring About Dress Code

Guest: Good evening, we weren’t sure about the dress code. Are we okay in smart casual?
Host: Absolutely, smart casual is just fine. Welcome, let me show you to your table.

cartoon scene in a restaurant. On the left, a guest, a Caucasian woman in her 30s, is wearing a smart casual outfit, consisting of a stylish blouse

Requesting a Highchair

Guest: Could we get a highchair for a toddler, please?
Host: Of course! I’ll bring a highchair to your table right away.

A cartoon-style restaurant scene featuring two people. The guest, a Caucasian woman in her 30s with shoulder-length brown hair, wearing a casual dress

Useful Phrases

  1. “Do you have a table available?” πŸͺ‘ – Inquiring about immediate seating availability.
  2. “Can we get a table by the window?” πŸ–ΌοΈ – Requesting a specific seating location.
  3. “How long is the wait for a table?” ⏱️ – Asking about the waiting time.
  4. “We have a reservation under [Name].” πŸ“– – Confirming a pre-booked table.
  5. “Is there outdoor seating available?” 🌳 – Asking about seating options outside.
  6. “Can we have a quieter spot, please?” 🀫 – Requesting a less noisy table.
  7. “Is this a kid-friendly restaurant?” πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§ – Inquiring about suitability for children.
  8. “Do you offer any specials tonight?” 🌟 – Asking about special menu items or deals.
  9. “Could you accommodate a dietary restriction?” πŸ₯• – Discussing specific dietary needs.
  10. “Where is the restroom, please?” 🚻 – Asking for directions to the restroom.
  11. “Is the bar area available for seating?” 🍸 – Inquiring about seating availability in the bar area.
  12. “Could we add an extra chair to our table?” πŸͺ‘βž• – Requesting additional seating for your group.
  13. “Are there any private dining options?” πŸšͺ – Asking about separate, private dining spaces.
  14. “Do you have a coat check service?” πŸ§₯ – Inquiring about a place to store coats or personal items.
  15. “Can we see the menu before being seated?” πŸ“œ – Requesting to view the menu prior to being seated.


  • Reservation πŸ“… – Used to confirm or inquire about a table booked in advance.
  • Table 🍽️ – Referring to the seating arrangement or a specific table request.
  • Wait time ⏰ – Asking about how long it might take to get a table.
  • Seating πŸ’Ί – Discussing where in the restaurant you would like to be seated.
  • Patio 🌳 – Requesting to sit outside, if available.
  • Window seat πŸͺŸ – Asking for a table near a window.
  • Highchair πŸ‘Ά – Requesting a highchair for a child.
  • Menu πŸ“œ – Inquiring about special menus or dietary options.
  • Allergy 🚫 – Mentioning any food allergies.
  • Dress code πŸ‘” – Asking about the restaurant’s dress code.
  • Birthday πŸŽ‚ – Mentioning a special occasion like a birthday.
  • Quiet area 🀫 – Requesting a table in a quieter part of the restaurant.
  • Bar seating 🍸 – Preferring seats at the bar.
  • Large group πŸ‘₯ – Mentioning that the dining party is a large group.
  • Cancellation 🚫 – Informing about canceling a reservation.
  • Wheelchair accessible β™Ώ – Inquiring about wheelchair accessibility.
  • Restrooms 🚻 – Asking directions to the restrooms.
  • Coat check πŸ§₯ – Asking if there’s a coat check service.
  • Special request 🌟 – Making any specific requests or inquiries.
  • Gratuity πŸ’° – Inquiring about gratuity or service charges.
  • Outdoor Seating 🌿 – Requesting to sit in an outdoor area, like a garden or terrace.
  • View πŸŒ‡ – Inquiring about tables with a scenic view, such as cityscape or waterfront.
  • Quiet table 🀐 – Asking for a table in a less noisy area.
  • Special occasion πŸŽ‰ – Mentioning that the visit is for a special event, like an anniversary.
  • Waiting area πŸ’Ί – Asking where to wait if the table is not ready.
  • Valet parking πŸš— – Inquiring about valet parking services.
  • Buffet 🍲 – Asking if the restaurant offers a buffet service.
  • Children’s menu πŸ‘§πŸ” – Requesting a menu suitable for children.
  • Wheelchair-friendly table β™ΏπŸ½οΈ – Requesting a table that is accessible for wheelchair users.
  • Directions 🧭 – Asking for directions to the restaurant or within it, like to a specific dining hall.