English dialogues at the library

English dialogues at the library

A: I want to inscribe in your library. What is the fee?
B: It’s $14 per month.

A: What papers are necessary for enrollment?
B: You need a library registration form.

A: How long the card is valid?
B: The card is valid for one calendar year.

A: Where is the reading room?
B: It’s over there.

A: Is there a video section?
B: Yes.

A: Tell me your data to make your reader cardboard.
B: My name is Jessica. What other information do you need?

A: Do you have reader cardboard?
B: Yes. Here you are.

A: Tell me your name to find your cardboard.
B: My name is John Smith.

A: What is the date for returning the books?
B: You need to return the books by the 4th of May.

A: The titles in the catalog are in alphabetical order. The names of the authors are in alphabetical order too.
B: Okay. Thank you.


Reading card
Reader cardboard
Stocks with books

More sample sentences

A: I have just returned from the library.
B: Bring the book to me.

A: I wonder if you’d be willing to lend me your biology notes. I missed a couple of classes when I was sick, and now I’m totally lost.
B: OK. Why don’t we go to the library and copy my notebook and then go to your place and go over the lessons?

I went to the library and borrowed some books.

Kate loves reading. She has read every book in the library.

She’s read every book in the library.

We found some interesting books in the library.

When she died she donated all her books to the library.

Did you have any difficulties finding the book in the library?

The buildings house a library and two concert halls as well as a theatre.

I have two research papers to write, so I will probably spend the weekend in the library.

Once he reached under a library table to pick up a book James has dropped.

Tim and James spend all their free time in the library.

The library with its thousands of books was destroyed by fire.

The library is the place where we go to read.