Phrases for expressing opinions in English


1. I suggest …
2. I think …
3. I believe …
4. I mean …
5. I guess …
6. I feel that …
7. I consider …
8. In my view …
9. To my mind …
10. It is my belief that …
11. From my point of view
12. It seems to me that …
13. As far as I’m concerned …
14. I’d like to point out that …
15. From my perspective …


That’s true!
I totally agree with you!
I think so too.


How terrible!
No, you have lost me.
I can’t agree with you.
I suppose not …
I’m afraid not …
I don’t think so …


A: In my opinion, it’s not good to wear a green T-shirt with yellow shoes.
B: Hmm, but I like myself like that.

A: I think they have lost my luggage.
B: Let’s call and ask.

A: I suggest we take a day trip to Dubai.
B: Great idea! It’s about one hour by car.

A: I suggested that you should buy a car with the money you won.
B: I was thinking to buy a new fridge and a TV.

A: I guess Thomas is making a lot of money with his Internet business.
B: Oh yes, he’s rich now.

A: Her story can’t be true.
B: I believe in what she is saying.

A: I meant to call you last night, but I forgot.
B: No worries.

A: I feel bad as I didn’t tell him the truth.
B: I would feel the same way.

A: It seems that I have lost the keys.
B: How terrible!

A: I don’t think it’s worth spending money on designer sunglasses.
B: I think so too.

A: I think I need to see a psychiatrist.
B: Why?
A: I’m depressed.

A: From my point of view, the new examinations are a disaster.
B: I don’t think so.

A: I think you should not panic and just be patient.
B: I suppose you’re right.

A: In my view money isn’t the most important thing in life.
B: Yes, it’s true.