Giving directions in a corporate building

Giving Directions in a Corporate Building

Dialogue 1

Visitor: Hi, I’m looking for the office suite 1503. Could you point me in the right direction?

Office Worker: Absolutely, you’ll want to take the elevator bank on your left to the 15th floor. When you exit, turn right, and suite 1503 will be the third door on your left, just past the water cooler.

scene in the corporate building

Dialogue 2

Visitor: Excuse me, could you help me locate suite 2201?

Office Worker: Of course. Use the elevators straight ahead to get to the 22nd floor. As you come out of the elevator, suite 2201 is directly across, facing the elevators. You can’t miss it.

man asking woman where is suite 2201

Dialogue 3

Visitor: I need to find suite 1904 but seem a bit lost; can you help?

Office Worker: Sure thing. Go to the elevator bank to the right, the one that serves floors 16-20. Hit 19, and when you get off, take a left. Follow the corridor; suite 1904 will be on your right-hand side, right after the conference room.

woman explaining to a man where is suite 1904

Dialogue 4

Visitor: I’m here for a meeting in suite 305. Where is that?

Office Worker: You’ll find suite 305 on the third floor. Take the middle elevator bank, since it’s the only one that stops on the third floor. Once you’re there, it’s the first suite you’ll see when you exit the elevator.

corporate building lobby, depict a Middle-Eastern male visitor with dark hair, wearing a suit and carrying a folder, inquiring abou

Dialogue 5

Visitor: Could you tell me where to find office suite 1406?

Office Worker: Absolutely. You’ll need to use the elevators over there, on the far end. They’re the ones that access floors 10 through 20. Go to the 14th floor, take a left out of the elevator, and follow the corridor down. Suite 1406 will be on your left, just opposite the planters.

image depicting an indoor scene in a corporate building. A male visitor with Black descent and wearing a smart blue suit

Dialogue 6

Visitor: Is suite 1008 far from here? I have a meeting and I’m running late.

Office Worker: Not to worry, you’ll make it. Take the first elevator bank on your right to the 10th floor. When you exit, go left, and suite 1008 will be right there in front of you, next to the break room.

White male visitor in a hurry, holding a smartphone and looking at his wristwatch in a corporate building

Useful Phrases

“Take the elevator on your right/left.” 🛗 – Directing which elevator to use.

“Go up to the [number] floor.” 🔝 – Indicating which floor to select in the elevator.

“Exit the elevator and turn right/left.” ➡ī¸âŦ…ī¸ – Instructions for which way to turn upon leaving the elevator.

“The office suite is straight ahead.” 👀 – The office is directly in front of you when you reach the correct floor or hallway.

“Look for the sign that says [name/description].” 🚸 – Directing attention to signage for guidance.

“The suite is next to the [landmark].” đŸšĒ – The office is beside a notable feature or other office.

“You’ll pass the conference room on your way.” đŸšĒ – A point of reference that someone will see en route.

“The restroom/break room is on the way if you need it.” đŸšģ☕ – Mentioning the facilities one might find useful or as landmarks.

“Use the stairs for one floor up/down.” đŸšļ‍♂ī¸ – Suggesting the stairs for a single-floor change.

“The reception desk is located in the lobby.” 🛎ī¸ – Directions to the main information area upon entering the building.

“If you reach the [feature], you’ve gone too far.” 🔄 – Indicating a boundary for how far to go.

“The office is opposite the elevators.” đŸšĒ – The office is directly across from the elevators.

“Walk through the glass doors into the main corridor.” đŸšĒ – Directions through a specific set of doors to reach the main area.

“Follow the corridor until you see the [artwork/plants].” đŸ–ŧī¸đŸŒŋ – Using items along the way as visual cues.

“The waiting area is right beside the large window overlooking [view].” đŸ’ēđŸĒŸ – A specific waiting area is described by its features or view.

“You will need an access card beyond this point.” 🔒 – Noting that further entry requires security clearance.

“If you’re here after hours, use the intercom for access.” 📞 – Providing instructions for entering the building outside of normal business hours.


Elevator 🛗 – Use this to reach different floors.

Stairs đŸšļ‍♂ī¸ – Opt for these for a floor or two.

Suite đŸšĒ – A set of rooms for an office.

Reception 🛎ī¸ – The welcome desk or area.

Lobby đŸĸ – Main entrance hall.

Corridor 🛤ī¸ – Long hallway connecting different areas.

Conference Room đŸšĒ – Meeting space for discussions.

Restroom đŸšģ – Facilities for personal needs.

Exit đŸšĒ – Way out of the building.

Floor Number đŸ”ĸ – Identifies the level of the building.

Signage – Signs that provide directions.

Security 👮‍♂ī¸ – Officers or checkpoints for safety.

Cafeteria 🍴 – Eating area for employees.

Break Room ☕ – Space to rest and have a snack.

Office đŸ–Ĩī¸ – Individual workspaces.

Cubicle đŸĒ‘ – A small, partitioned desk area.

Landmark đŸ–ŧī¸ – Notable feature to help with orientation.

Directory 📇 – A board listing offices and their locations.

Fire Exit 🚒 – Emergency egress route.

Waiting Area đŸ’ē – Space to sit and wait.

Elevator Bank 🛗 – Group of elevators in one location.

Turn ↩ī¸â†Ēī¸ – Indication to change direction.

Straight Ahead âŦ†ī¸ – To go forward.

Left/Right âŦ…ī¸âžĄī¸ – Direction to turn.

Door đŸšĒ – Pass through to enter or exit rooms.

Access Card 🔒 – Required for entry to secure areas.

Intercom 📞 – Communication device for speaking with building security or reception.