English dialogues at a tailor

English Dialogues at a Tailor

Choosing a Tailor-Made Suit

A: I have an important event coming up. Could you help me choose a suit?
B: Absolutely, we have a variety of fabrics and styles. Do you prefer a classic look or something more modern?

A: I’d like a suit that’s versatile for both work and social events. What do you suggest?
B: A navy blue or charcoal grey suit would be perfect. They’re classic and can be dressed up or down.

A: How long does it take to tailor a suit?
B: Typically, it takes about 2-3 weeks. But if you need it sooner, we can discuss expedited options.

woman considering fabric choices

Custom Tailoring

A: Can you alter a dress to fit me better?
B: Of course, we can take in the sides and adjust the length as needed. Have you considered adding a custom belt for a personal touch?

A: I’ve lost weight recently. Can you resize my trousers?
B: Certainly, we can adjust the waist and taper the legs to ensure a perfect fit.

A: Is it possible to restyle an old coat?
B: We can update the buttons, adjust the fit, and even change the lining for a fresh new look.

man looking at button options

Formal and Casual Wear Adjustments

A: I need this dress hemmed for a wedding next weekend. Is that possible?
B: Yes, we can have it ready for you. We also offer express services for urgent requests.

A: My jeans are too long. Do you do denim alterations?
B: We do. We can hem them with the original finish to maintain their style.

A: This skirt has a tear in it. Can you fix it without it being noticeable?
B: We’ll match the fabric and weave to make the repair as invisible as possible.

girl showing a torn skirt

Special Requests

A: Do you work with leather jackets?
B: Yes, we can replace zippers, mend tears, and even reline them if necessary.

A: Can you create a custom dress from a picture?
B: Absolutely, bring in the image, and we’ll discuss the details like fabric choice and design specifics.

A: My child is in a play, and we need a costume altered. Can you do that?
B: Of course, we can resize it and add any special features you need.

girl needing a costume adjustment

Aftercare and Maintenance

A: How should I care for my tailored suit?
B: Dry clean it sparingly, use a good hanger to maintain its shape and brush it with a fabric brush.

A: Any tips for keeping my silk dress in good condition?
B: Always hand wash or dry clean silk, and store it away from sunlight to prevent fading.

A: What’s the best way to store winter coats during the summer?
B: Clean them before storing, use breathable garment bags, and consider cedar blocks for protection against moths.

woman asking about fabric care

Discussing a Tailor-Made Dress Shirt

A: I need a dress shirt that’s unique to my style for work. Can you help?
B: Definitely, we can select a custom fabric and add distinctive details like monogrammed cuffs or a contrasting collar.

A: What kind of collar styles can you offer for a bespoke shirt?
B: From classic point to cutaway or even a band collar, we can tailor it to your preference and the occasion.

A: Can I choose the type of buttons on my shirt?
B: Certainly, we have a range of options from simple to luxury buttons, including mother-of-pearl.

girl choosing buttons for her shirt

Other Dialogues

A: Can I get a discount if I bring in multiple items for alterations?
B: We offer a 10% discount for five or more pieces.

A: Do you offer a fitting service at home for those with busy schedules?
B: We do have a by-appointment home service for measurements and fittings.

A: Are you able to replicate a favorite shirt of mine that’s no longer sold?
B: Absolutely, we can make a pattern from it and select a similar fabric.

A: I need a custom-tailored shirt with a specific cuff style, is that possible?
B: Yes, we can customize every aspect, from cuffs to collars and buttons.

A: How long will it take to alter a bridesmaid dress?
B: Depending on the alterations needed, we can have it ready in 1-2 weeks.

Sample sentences

Do you offer express tailoring services?
How often should I get my suit jackets pressed?
Can you recommend a fabric that’s durable but still looks elegant?
I’m attending a vintage-themed event; can you modify a dress to have a 1920s look?
Do you work with sustainable or eco-friendly fabrics?
Are you experienced in resizing heirloom garments without damaging them?
How long does it take to alter a leather garment?
I need a waterproof lining added to my coat; can you do that?
Can you convert these dress pants into a slim fit style?
What’s the turnaround time for hemming a pair of curtains?


Tailor shop 🏬
Sewing machine 🧡
Measuring tape πŸ“
Fabric swatches πŸͺ‘
Dress form πŸ‘—
Thimble πŸ› οΈ
Pattern cutting βœ‚οΈπŸ“
Seamstress πŸ‘©β€πŸ­
Chalk πŸ–οΈ
Thread 🧡

Needle πŸͺ‘
Pin cushion πŸ“
Scissors βœ‚οΈ
Iron 🧯
Steamer 🚿
Buttonhole πŸ‘”
Zipper πŸ”’
Hem πŸ‘—
Cuff πŸ”—
Lining πŸ§₯

Suit πŸ‘”
Dress πŸ‘—
Trousers πŸ‘–
Jeans πŸ‘–
Coat πŸ§₯
Leather jacket πŸ§₯
Costume 🎭
Silk dress πŸ‘˜