Dialogues at a cafe

Dialogues at a cafe

1. Ordering a Custom Coffee

Customer: “Hi, could I get a large latte with almond milk and an extra shot of espresso, please?”
Barista: “Absolutely, would you like any flavors added to that?”
Customer: “No, thank you. Just as is.”

A cartoon-style scene in a cozy coffee shop. The first character is a customer, a middle-aged Caucasian woman with short blonde hair, wearing a casual

2. Inquiring About Coffee Options

Customer: “What’s the difference between your cold brew and iced coffee?”
Barista: “Our cold brew is steeped overnight for a smoother taste, while our iced coffee is just regular coffee served over ice.”

A cartoon-style image depicting a coffee shop scene. The image features two characters_ a customer and a barista. The customer, a middle-aged Caucasia

3. Asking for Recommendations

Customer: “I’m not sure what to get. What’s a popular drink right now?”
Barista: “Our seasonal pumpkin spice latte is very popular! Would you like to try that?”
Customer: “Sure, I’ll have that in a medium.”

A cartoon image in a coffee shop setting. A customer, a young Asian man in casual attire, looks thoughtfully at a menu board. Facing him is a barista

4. Dietary Concerns

Customer: “Do you have any dairy-free milk options?”
Barista: “Yes, we have almond, soy, and oat milk. Which one would you prefer?”
Customer: “Oat milk, please.”

A customer, a young Black woman with curly hair, wearing a casual blue t-shirt and jeans,

5. Paying for the Order

Customer: “Can I pay with my coffee shop app?”
Barista: “Of course, just scan your phone here.”
Customer: “Thanks, and could I also add a blueberry muffin to my order?”

In a cartoon-style coffee shop setting, depict a scene with two main characters. The first character, a customer, is holding a smartphone, appearing

6. Coffee Customization

Customer: “I like my coffee really strong. What do you recommend?”
Barista: “You might enjoy our espresso americano. It’s quite strong and flavorful.”
Customer: “Sounds good, I’ll take a large one.”

A cartoon-style coffee shop scene, capturing a conversation between a customer and a barista. The customer, a Caucasian woman in her 30s, dressed

7. Asking for Wi-Fi Access

Customer: “Do you have Wi-Fi here? I need to do some work.”
Barista: “Yes, we do. The password is β€˜CoffeeLove123’.”

In a cartoon-style coffee shop, a customer, a young Black woman in casual attire with a laptop bag, is inquiring about Wi-Fi. She looks curious

8. Grab-and-Go Option

Customer: “I’m in a bit of a hurry. Do you have any pre-made coffees?”
Barista: “We have a fresh batch of cold brew ready to go. Would you like a bottle?”
Customer: “Yes, please. Just the coffee, I’ll skip the food.”

Cartoon scene in a cozy coffee shop. A customer, a Caucasian woman in business attire, looks slightly hurried, checking her watch. She's at the counter

9. Asking for the Bathroom Password

Customer: “Excuse me, could I get the password for the bathroom?”
Barista: “Sure, it’s ‘Espresso2023’. It’s just around the corner to your left.”
Customer: “Thank you very much!”

In a cartoon-style coffee shop, a curious customer, a young woman with long brunette hair and wearing a green sweater, approaches the counter with

Useful Phrases

  1. “What’s the Wi-Fi password?” πŸ“Ά – Asking for internet access.
  2. “Can I have a large latte, please?” β˜• – Ordering a specific size and type of coffee.
  3. “Is this seat taken?” πŸ’Ί – Checking if a seat is available.
  4. “Could I get this to-go?” πŸ₯‘ – Requesting a takeout order.
  5. “Do you have any vegan options?” 🌱 – Inquiring about dietary-specific food.
  6. “What’s the special today?” πŸ“‹ – Asking about the day’s special.
  7. “Can I pay by card?” πŸ’³ – Query about payment methods.
  8. “How long is the wait for a table?” ⏳ – Inquiring about waiting time.
  9. “Could I get some extra napkins?” 🧻 – Requesting additional napkins.
  10. “Can I have a glass of water, please?” πŸ’§ – Asking for water.
  11. “Is the carrot cake gluten-free?” πŸ₯•πŸ° – Inquiring about specific dietary requirements.
  12. “Can I have the bathroom key?” πŸ”‘ – Asking for access to the restroom.
  13. “Do you offer any loyalty discounts?” πŸ’° – Inquiring about loyalty programs or discounts.
  14. “May I have some sugar and milk?” πŸ₯›πŸ― – Requesting condiments for coffee or tea.
  15. “Could you heat this up for me?” πŸ”₯ – Asking to warm food or a beverage.


  • Coffee β˜• – Different types of coffee like espresso, cappuccino, latte.
  • Tea 🍡 – Varieties like green, black, herbal.
  • Menu πŸ“œ – Referring to the cafΓ©’s list of offerings.
  • Order πŸ“ – The items chosen by the customer.
  • Milk πŸ₯› – Regular, almond, soy, oat.
  • Sugar 🍚 – Sweeteners, both natural and artificial.
  • Pastry πŸ₯ – Croissants, muffins, cakes.
  • Snack πŸͺ – Small bites, cookies, chips.
  • Wi-Fi 🌐 – Wireless internet service.
  • Password πŸ”‘ – Code for accessing Wi-Fi.
  • Seat πŸͺ‘ – Chair, booth, window seat.
  • Tip πŸ’° – Gratuity for service.
  • Cash πŸ’΅ – Physical money.
  • Card πŸ’³ – Credit or debit card.
  • Receipt 🧾 – Transaction proof, bill.
  • Takeout πŸ›οΈ – Food or drinks to go.
  • Refill πŸ” – More of the same drink.
  • Specials 🌟 – Unique or discounted items.
  • Hot πŸ”₯ – Temperature for drinks or food.
  • Cold ❄️ – Iced or chilled options.
  • Latte Art 🎨 – Decorative patterns on coffee.
  • Caffeine ⚑ – Stimulant in coffee and tea.
  • Barista β˜•πŸ‘©β€πŸ³ – Coffee expert and server.
  • Bathroom 🚻 – Restroom facilities.
  • Clean ✨ – Request for cleaning a table or area.
  • Cup Size πŸ“ – Small, medium, large.
  • Blender πŸŒͺ️ – Machine for making smoothies.
  • Cream πŸ₯›πŸΆ – Dairy or non-dairy creamer.
  • Bagel πŸ₯― – A type of bread product, often with cream cheese.
  • To-go Cup πŸ₯€ – Disposable cup for takeout drinks.