Dialogues at a large shopping mall

Dialogues at a Large Shopping Mall

To a Clothing Store

Shopper: Excuse me, officer, could you direct me to the Forever Fashion store?

Security Officer: Certainly! From here, you’ll want to head straight towards the food court. Once you reach the food court, take a right and follow the path past the fountain. Forever Fashion will be just on your left, next to the mobile phone kiosk.

man explaining to a girl where is the clothing store

To a Bookstore

Shopper: Hi there, I’m trying to find “Pages & Prose.” Could you help me out?

Security Officer: Of course! You’ll see the food court just down this corridor. Make a left at the food court, and then take the escalator to the second level. “Pages & Prose” is right across from the top of the escalator, between the hat store and the candle shop.

man explaining to a girl where is the bookstore

To a Toy Store

Shopper: Good morning, could you tell me the quickest way to get to “Toy Wonderland”?

Security Officer: Good morning! You’ll want to go towards the food court, it’s hard to miss. Then, take a left at the “Burger Bonanza” and continue until you see the children’s play area. “Toy Wonderland” is right there, across from the play area.

man explaining to a man where is the toy store

To a Jewelry Store

Shopper: Can you point me to “Gems Galore”? I’m a bit turned around.

Security Officer: Happy to help! If you go down this aisle towards the food court, take the first corridor on the right just before you enter the food court. “Gems Galore” will be on your right-hand side, opposite the watch repair shop.

man explaining to a girl where is the jewelry store

To an Electronics Store

Shopper: I’m looking for “Tech Trends.” Could you give me directions?

Security Officer: Sure thing! Walk this way, and you’ll pass by the food court. Keep the food court to your left, and continue straight. “Tech Trends” is just past the indoor plants display, next to the gaming arcade.

man explaining to a girl where is the electronis store

To a Sportswear Store

Shopper: Where can I find “Athletic Edge”?

Security Officer: “Athletic Edge,” got it. Head down towards the food court, and once you’re there, take a complete circle around it. You’ll find “Athletic Edge” right after the sports nutrition store, before you get to the home goods shop.

man explaining to a girl where is the sportwear store

Useful Phrases

“Head straight until you see the food court” 🍽️ – Indicates to move forward in the direction of the food area.

“Take a left/right at the next corridor/aisle” ⬅️➡️ – Directs to turn at the next passageway.

“It’s on the upper/lower level” 🔼🔽 – Specifies which floor the store is located on.

“You’ll pass by a large fountain” ⛲ – Uses a landmark as a point of reference.

“It’s next to the restrooms” 🚻 – Indicates proximity to the public toilets.

“Near the escalator/elevator” 🛗 – Directions relative to the escalators or elevators.

“Across from the children’s play area” 👶 – Indicates the store is opposite the play zone.

“Right beside the movie theater” 🎦 – Specifies a location adjacent to the cinema.

“Just past the bookstore” 📚 – Means the destination is beyond a certain store.

“Before you reach the exit” 🚪 – Directions given in relation to the exit.

“Located in the corner unit” 🔲 – Indicates a store situated in a corner spot.

“Opposite the food vendor with the bright signs” 🌟 – Directions using a distinctive feature of a food vendor.

“Look for the store with the green awning” 🟩 – Describes a unique visual element of the store.

“Behind the central seating area” 💺 – Indicates that the store is located behind a common area with seating.

“If you reach [specific store], you’ve gone too far” 🛑 – Advises how to recognize overshooting the destination.


Entrance 🚪 – The main door or opening where you enter the mall.

Exit 🏃‍♂️ – The way out of the mall.

Escalator – Moving stairs that take you to a different floor.

Elevator – A lift that takes you to different levels of the mall.

Stairs 🚶‍♂️ – A set of steps leading to another floor.

Food Court 🍔 – The area where there are many food vendors and seating.

Restrooms 🚻 – Facilities for using the toilet.

Information Desk ℹ️ – A place to ask for general mall information and directions.

ATM 🏧 – Automated Teller Machine for cash withdrawals.

Kiosk 🗞️ – A small, stand-alone booth often selling items like newspapers, snacks, or accessories.

Directory 🗺️ – A map or listing of stores and their locations within the mall.

Parking 🚗 – The area or structure for car storage.

Fountain ⛲ – Water feature often used as a landmark.

Play Area 👶 – A section designated for children to play.

Bench 💺 – Seating provided in walkways.

Aisle ↔️ – A walkway between stores.

Corner 🔲 – The point where two pathways meet.

Signage 🛑 – Signs or symbols providing information or directions.

Storefront 🏬 – The front of a store, facing the mall’s interior walkway.

Level/Floor 🔼🔽 – The stories of the mall, usually indicated by numbers or designations like “Upper” or “Lower”.