Giving directions at a train station

Giving Directions at a Train Station

Dialogue 1

Tourist: Excuse me, could you please tell me how to find the platform for the express train to Brighton?

Station Attendant: Certainly! You’ll want to take the escalator up to the second floor and follow the signs marked ‘Platforms 9-12’. The express to Brighton leaves from Platform 10.

dialogue at the train station

Dialogue 2

Tourist: Hi, I’m trying to catch the express to Manchester. Where do I go?

Station Attendant: Hello there! You need to go straight down this corridor, take the escalator on your right to the first floor, and look for the signs saying ‘Express Lines’. Your train is on Platform 5.

a tourist is receiving directions from a station attendant

Dialogue 3

Tourist: Good morning, I need to get to the express train heading to Edinburgh. Which platform is it from?

Station Attendant: Good morning! You’ll find the express train at Platform 7. Just go left here, take the escalator up, and follow the blue signs for ‘Northbound Express’.

tourist and the station attendant in the train station

Dialogue 4

Tourist: Hi, could you point me to the platform for the express train to Bristol, please?

Station Attendant: Of course! Walk straight ahead until you reach the main hall, take the escalator down, and then turn left. Look for the signs that read ‘Southbound Platforms’. Your Bristol express leaves from Platform 3.

scene in the train station

Dialogue 5

Tourist: I’m a bit lost; I need to find the express to Liverpool.

Station Attendant: No worries! You need to head towards the ticket offices over there, then take the escalator up to your right. The signs for ‘Westbound Express’ will guide you to Platform 8 for your Liverpool train.

girl asks man to help her at the train station

Dialogue 6

Tourist: Excuse me, I need directions to the express train to Cambridge, please.

Station Attendant: Hello! You’ll want to go through the concourse there, then take the lift to the third floor. Once you exit, follow the ‘Eastbound Express’ signs. Your train departs from Platform 12.

a tourist asking a station attendant for directions to the express train

Useful Phrases

“Take the escalator up/down” πŸ›— – Directing someone to use the escalator to move to a different level.

“Follow the signs for [destination/platform]” πŸš‰ – Advising to look for signage that indicates directions for specific trains or platforms.

“Your platform is to the left/right” β¬…οΈβž‘οΈ – Indicating which direction to turn for the correct platform.

“The ticket counters are straight ahead” πŸ‘€ – Signifying that the destination is directly in front of the person.

“You will see the restrooms on the way” 🚻 – Noting that restrooms will be passed en route to the destination.

“Pass through the concourse” πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ – Instructing to walk through the central area in the station.

“The waiting area is right beside the main information board” ℹ️ – Pointing out the seating area located next to the information display.

“Go past the coffee shop” β˜• – Instructing to walk beyond the coffee shop location.

“Your train departs from the last platform” πŸš† – Indicating the furthest platform is where the train will leave from.

“Look for the track number on the overhead screens” πŸ“Ί – Advising to check the electronic displays for the correct track.

“Use the lift for easy access to the platforms” πŸ›— – Suggesting the elevator as an alternative to stairs or escalators.

“Cross over the footbridge to reach platforms on the other side” πŸŒ‰ – Directing to use the pedestrian bridge to access platforms across the tracks.

“Stand behind the yellow line while waiting for your train” 🟨 – Safety advice for waiting at the platform.

“The taxi rank is located outside the main entrance” πŸš– – Pointing towards where taxis can be found.

“You can find the train schedules posted next to the ticket kiosk” πŸ—“οΈ – Informing where to find the timetable for train departures.


Platform πŸ›€οΈ – The area where passengers wait for their train.

Track πŸš† – The rails on which the train runs.

Ticket Kiosk 🎟️ – Where passengers can purchase tickets.

Schedule Board πŸ“… – Displays train times and platform numbers.

Escalator – Moving stairs to get to different levels of the station.

Elevator – A lift to move between floors, especially useful for those with heavy luggage or mobility issues.

Stairs πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ – Fixed steps to go to another level.

Restroom 🚻 – Toilet facilities.

Entrance πŸšͺ – The main door to enter the station.

Exit πŸƒ – The way out of the station.

Concourse 🏟️ – The open space where passengers can walk, often found before reaching the platforms.

Waiting Area πŸ’Ί – Seats provided for passengers to wait for their trains.

Information Desk ℹ️ – Place to ask for help or get more information.

Signage 🚸 – Signs that direct passengers to various parts of the station.

Footbridge πŸŒ‰ – A walkway over the tracks to get to other platforms.

Taxi Rank πŸš– – The area where taxis are available for hire.

Luggage Cart πŸ›’ – A small vehicle to carry bags and suitcases.

CafΓ©/Shop β˜•πŸͺ – Places to buy food, drinks, or other items.

Departures πŸ›« – Indicates where to go for trains leaving the station.

Arrivals πŸ›¬ – Indicates where incoming trains are arriving.

Seat πŸ’Ί – A place to sit while waiting.

Gate 🚧 – An entry point to a secured area, often leading to the train.

Line 🟨 – Often used to refer to a safety line or a queue.