English dialogues at a zoo

English dialogues at a zoo

Buying Tickets and Entry

A: How much is the entrance fee for adults?
B: It’s $20 for adults, and children under 12 are $10.

A: Do you offer any group discounts?
B: Yes, for groups of 15 or more, there’s a 15% discount.

A: Are there any restrictions on bringing outside food?
B: Yes, outside food isn’t allowed, but there are multiple food stalls inside for your convenience.

family asking if they are allowed in bring food in zoo

Interactive Zones

A: Can my child pet the goats in the petting zoo?
B: Yes, but always ensure they wash their hands afterward. There’s a hand-washing station nearby.

A: Is it safe to touch the stingrays in the touch pool?
B: Absolutely, the stingrays’ stingers have been safely removed. Just make sure to use gentle hands.

A: We heard there’s a butterfly enclosure here?
B: Yes, it’s a walk-through enclosure. You might even have a butterfly land on you!

kids marveling at butterflies around them

Shows and Activities

A: What time is the sea lion show?
B: It starts at 2 PM, and there’s another show at 5 PM.

A: Do you have any interactive feeding sessions?
B: Yes, you can feed the giraffes at 3 PM. Just buy the feeding tickets at the counter nearby.

A: I’ve heard there’s a bird show here?
B: That’s right! The bird show is at the amphitheater at 4 PM. It’s a must-watch!

two boys want to watch bird show

Safety and Rules

A: Are there any animals we shouldn’t tap on the glass to interact with?
B: It’s best not to tap on any glass, as it can stress the animals. Always observe quietly.

A: My child lost her hat in the monkey enclosure. Can we get it back?
B: I’m sorry, for safety reasons we can’t retrieve items immediately, but we’ll try to get it after closing hours.

A: Are there first aid facilities here?
B: Yes, there’s a first aid station near the main entrance, and our staff is trained to assist in emergencies.

girl and boy reading safety guidelines at the zoo entrance

Observing Animals

A: I’ve never seen a giraffe up close before. They’re so tall!
B: Yes, and did you know their long neck has the same number of vertebrae as a human?

A: What’s that black and white bear over there?
B: That’s a panda. They primarily eat bamboo and are native to China.

A: Look at those monkeys swinging from the trees! Which species are they?
B: Those are spider monkeys. They have a prehensile tail that they use like an extra hand.

girl and boy watching monkeys swing

Animal Behaviors

A: Why is that lion roaring?
B: It could be a territorial call or a way to communicate with other lions in the pride.

A: The penguins seem to be dancing. Why do they do that?
B: It’s a mating ritual. Penguins often have unique dances to attract a mate.

A: I see the elephant spraying water with its trunk. Is it playing?
B: Yes, elephants use their trunks for various purposes including drinking, grabbing, and even for fun!

boy and girl observing an elephant playing with water

Conservation and Protection

A: I heard some animals here are endangered. Is that true?
B: Yes, many zoos play a role in conservation efforts to protect endangered species.

A: Why is the zoo environment so important for these animals?
B: It provides them with protection from poachers and habitat destruction, and also helps in breeding programs.

A: Do zoos participate in releasing animals back into the wild?
B: Some do, especially after rehabilitation or when they’re part of a conservation program.

girl and boy discussing conservation near an information board

Zoo Facilities and Services

A: Where can we find the reptile house?
B: It’s near the entrance, next to the tropical birds exhibit.

A: Do you offer guided tours to learn more about the animals?
B: Yes, there are guided tours available daily. They provide in-depth information about animal behaviors and habitats.

A: Is there a place here to grab some lunch?
B: Yes, there’s a cafeteria near the central pond. They offer a variety of meals and snacks.

A: Can we sponsor or adopt an animal here?
B: Absolutely! The zoo has an adoption program where you can sponsor an animal and contribute to its care.

boy and girl want to adopt an animal

Exiting and Feedback

A: We had a great time! Where can we leave feedback?
B: Thank you! There’s a feedback kiosk near the exit, or you can leave a review online.

A: Do you have a souvenir shop?
B: Yes, it’s right before the exit. You’ll find a variety of souvenirs and gifts there.

A: When’s the best time to visit to avoid crowds?
B: Weekdays, especially in the morning, are generally less crowded than weekends.

girl аanswering questions to a boy

Sample sentences

Do you have any evening or night tours available?
I heard there’s a new baby tiger born here. Can we see it?
Is there an interactive area where kids can pet some animals?
Are there any special events or shows happening today?
Do you offer memberships for frequent visitors?
How much of the zoo’s revenue goes towards conservation efforts?
Can we buy souvenirs or toys related to the animals we see?
Is there a specific time when the animals are most active?
Do you have any educational workshops for children?


Zoo 🐼🦁🐯🐘
Enclosure 🚧
Habitat 🏞️
Conservation ♻️
Endangered 🚫🐾
Rehabilitation 🌱🐾
Breeding program 🐣❤️
Guided tour 🗺️🚶‍♂️
Cafeteria 🍽️
Adoption program 🤝🐾
Observation deck 🕶️🌳
Petting area 🤗🐏
Amphitheater 🎭

Lion 🦁
Tiger 🐯
Elephant 🐘
Giraffe 🦒
Panda 🐼
Monkey 🐒
Penguin 🐧
Reptile 🦎
Bird 🦜
Kangaroo 🦘
Nature trail 🌲🚶‍♂️
Educational workshop 📚🐾
Play area ⛹️‍♂️
Zoo membership 🎟️🐾

Binoculars 🔭
Information board ℹ️
Zoo map 🗺️
Animal feed 🌾
Interactive area 🤲🐾
Souvenirs 🎁
Zoo train 🚂
Bird show 🦜🎤
Aquatic display 🐟🖼️
Animal keeper 👩‍🌾🐾
Gift shop 🛍️
Conservation fund 💰♻️
Animal rescue 🆘🐾