English dialogues at a pet shop

English dialogues at a pet shop

Choosing a Pet

A: I’m thinking of getting a pet for my child. What do you suggest?
B: How about a hamster or a guinea pig? They are gentle and good for children.

A: I live in a small apartment. What pet would be ideal?
B: You might consider a cat or a small dog breed. Or even fish, which requires minimal space.

A: Are these bunnies easy to take care of?
B: They need a clean hutch, fresh vegetables, and regular grooming. But they are generally low-maintenance.

boy and girl talking about bunnies

Pet Care

A: How often should I clean the fish tank?
B: It depends on the number of fish and the size of the tank, but usually every two weeks.

A: My dog keeps scratching. What can I do?
B: It could be fleas or an allergy. I’d recommend a vet checkup, but we also have anti-itch shampoos and creams.

A: My cat hates baths. Any tips?
B: Most cats do! Use cat wipes or waterless shampoos for regular grooming and only bathe when necessary.

man with a cat that hates baths

Buying Supplies

A: Do you have a more natural brand of cat food?
B: Yes, we have organic and grain-free options right here.

A: I’m looking for a durable toy for my dog. He destroys everything!
B: How about a Kong toy? They’re quite sturdy and you can fill them with treats.

A: My bird seems bored. Do you have toys for her?
B: Absolutely. Birds love mirrors, bells, and ladders. Here’s a section with various bird toys.

girl offers bird toys to a boy

Health and Well-being

A: Can you recommend a good flea collar?
B: This brand is highly effective and lasts up to 8 months.

A: Do you have any remedies for a constipated fish?
B: You can try feeding it a pea. Remove the skin, and give the fish a tiny piece.

A: My rabbit seems to be shedding a lot. Is that normal?
B: Rabbits do shed, especially in the change of seasons. Regular brushing can help.

boy and girl talking about their shedding rabbit

Other Dialogues

A: Can I get a discount if I buy in bulk?
B: Yes, we offer a 10% discount for purchases over $100.

A: Do you sell live food for reptiles?
B: We do. We have crickets, worms, and feeder mice available.

A: Are these plants safe for a fish tank?
B: Yes, they are aquatic plants and are perfectly safe for freshwater tanks.

A: I’m going on vacation. Do you have automatic feeders?
B: Yes, we have both manual and digital ones, depending on your needs.

A: My child wants a pet spider. Do you sell those?
B: Yes, we have tarantulas. However, they require specific care, so make sure to do some research.

A: How often should I trim my cat’s claws?
B: Around every 10-14 days, but it depends on the cat. We also offer grooming services if you need assistance.

A: Do you have any pet-safe cleaning products?
B: Yes, we have a whole range of non-toxic cleaning products specifically designed for homes with pets.

Other sample sentences

Do you offer a loyalty program or membership card?
How often should I change this type of bedding for my hamster?
Can you recommend a reputable local vet for my new pet?
I’m worried my fish tank is overcrowded. Can you advise on that?
Do you sell organic or homemade treats for dogs?
Are these toys suitable for teething puppies?
How long can this type of food be stored before it goes bad?
I need an odor eliminator for my cat’s litter box. Any recommendations?
Can this birdhouse be hung outside?
What’s the life expectancy of a bearded dragon?
Do you offer price matching if I find a product cheaper elsewhere?
Can you help me set up a starter kit for my new turtle?
How often do you get new shipments of live plants for aquariums?
Is this brand of food suitable for older, less active cats?
I’d like to see some non-plastic toys for my rabbit.
My dog has sensitive skin. Do you have hypoallergenic grooming products?
Do you have any training books or DVDs for teaching tricks to dogs?


Pet shop
Pet carrier
Dog leash
Fish food
Bird perch
Pet toys
Scratching post
Litter box
Aquatic plants
Fish tank ornaments
Hamster wheel
Dog shampoo
Grooming tools
Pet treats
Rabbit hay
Dog bones
Turtle tank
Reptile heat lamp

Guinea pig
Betta fish
Feeder mice

Fish bowl
Aquarium filter
Dog bed
Pet blanket
Litter scoop
Pet vitamins
Treats dispenser
Training pads
Reptile substrate
Aquarium gravel
Bird swing
Pet toothbrush
Tick collar
Pet gate
Dog harness
Cat tower
Aquatic heater
Water conditioner
Pet ID tag