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Dialogues when booking a table

Customer: “I’d like to book a table for two for this Friday evening. Do you have window seats available?”
Host: “Yes, we do have window seats available. Would you prefer a view of the city or our garden?”

Dialogue at a vaccination clinic

Patient: “Can you tell me about the different types of vaccines available here?”
Clinician: “Certainly! We offer the flu vaccine, the HPV vaccine, and the COVID-19 vaccine, among others. Each one is designed for specific age groups and health needs.”

Dialogues at a health insurance office

Customer: “Hi, I have a few questions about what my current insurance plan covers. Could you help me understand the specifics?”

Insurance Representative: “Of course! Let’s start with your policy number, and then I can walk you through the details of your coverage.”

Dialogues at a dental clinic

Patient: Hi, I have an appointment with Dr. Smith at 2 PM under the name John Doe.
Receptionist: Good afternoon, Mr. Doe! Yes, I see your appointment here. Please have a seat, and Dr. Smith will be with you shortly.

Giving directions at the university

Prospective Student: Excuse me, could you tell me how to get to the admissions office?

Current Student: Sure, go straight down this path until you reach the central fountain. From there, turn right and walk past the library – it’s the big red brick building. The admissions office is the third building on the left, just after the statue of the university’s founder.

Giving directions to a hotel guest

Giving Direction to a Hotel Guest Dialogue 1 Guest: Good evening, I’d like to walk to the Blue Heron restaurant tonight. Could you guide me on how to get there? Receptionist: Of course, it’s a lovely walk. Head out the front door and take a left on Main Street. Continue for two blocks until you …

Giving directions in a corporate building

Visitor: Hi, I’m looking for the office suite 1503. Could you point me in the right direction?

Office Worker: Absolutely, you’ll want to take the elevator bank on your left to the 15th floor. When you exit, turn right, and suite 1503 will be the third door on your left, just past the water cooler.

Giving directions at a train station

Giving Directions at a Train Station Dialogue 1 Tourist: Excuse me, could you please tell me how to find the platform for the express train to Brighton? Station Attendant: Certainly! You’ll want to take the escalator up to the second floor and follow the signs marked ‘Platforms 9-12’. The express to Brighton leaves from Platform …

Dialogues at a large shopping mall

A: Excuse me, officer, could you direct me to the Forever Fashion store?

B: Certainly! From here, you’ll want to head straight towards the food court. Once you reach the food court, take a right and follow the path past the fountain. Forever Fashion will be just on your left, next to the mobile phone kiosk.